June 2016

A blockchain-based universal unique ID for each individual

June 2016 - March 2017

Research & Development
Testing the concept over Bitcoin's, Ethereum’s, Stellar’s and other available blockchains

April 2016 - November 2017

Architecting the idea with a hybrid blockchain of Ethereum and Stellar — validation of idea by technical advisors

December 2017

Public Launch
Concept launched publicly — Website, White Paper, and Public Communications, presenting the idea to potential advisors & partners

November 2017 - March 2018

Team Expansion
Seed-funding raised, team expanded with Developers, Blockchain & Smart Contracts Experts, and PR, Strategy, and Marketing Professionals

January 2018

MVP & Smart Contract
Minimal Viable Product developed and launched on play store, and Smart Contract Deployed

April 2018

Token Sale
Presale and Crowdsale for the VXD tokens with bonuses

May 2018- October 2018

MVP Beta Testing
MVP & Velix.ID Blockchain beta testing & development as per feedback from industry experts and Ecosystem users

November 2018

Product Public Launch
Velix.ID App launch for PII Level 0, 1.
Functional for use-cases such as e-commerce, KYC, etc.
Users Identified: 130 Million

January 2019- December 2019

Operations Expansion I
Expansion to 10 other Asia-Pacific Countries for PII Level 0,1.
Users Identified: 200 Million

October 2019

Product Upgrade I
App expanded to support PII Level 2.
Functional for use-cases such as Hotel booking and Employment Details

January 2020-June 2021

Operations Expansion II
Further expansion in Asia-Pacific and Western Europe.
Users Identified: 300 Million

May 2020

Product Upgrade II
App expanded to support PII Level 3.
Functional for use-cases such as Medical Records

July 2021-December 2022

Operations Expansion III
Expansion in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
Users Identified: 500 Million