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What is VXD?

VXD tokens are the native ecosystem tokens/utility tokens of Velix.ID, meant to facilitate the peer-to-peer transactions of verified identities over the Velix.ID blockchain. Utilization of blockchain technology, and an identity token model (VXD) allows the process of identity verification to be disrupted and reformed in a manner that is beneficial for both businesses and consumers.

Token Distribution

Total supply of VXD token is 100 Million

VXD is a ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

VXD Tokens Allotted : 35 Million
Token type : Utility Token

Purpose :
To be sold in the Private Sale, Presale, and Crowdsale.

Soft Cap : $2.5 Million
Hard Cap : $23.8 Million
All unsold tokens from the token sales will be burnt.

Availability :
Tokens will be instantly sent to the investor’s ERC-20 wallet through the smart contract.

VXD Tokens Allotted : 16 Million

Purpose :
Founders, team, and advisors for their contribution towards the development of the Velix.ID product.

Availability :
For the founders, every 6 months, 25% tokens are unlocked from the smart contract. For team, 50% of the token are unlocked from the smart contract every 3 months. For advisors, 25% of the token are unlocked from the smart contract every 3 months.
VXD Tokens Allotted : 4 Million

Purpose :
To run the bounty program and incentivize the community participants who aid in the development of Velix.ID.

Availability :
100% will be available immediately.
50% will be available immediately.
50% will be locked in the smart contract for 3 months.
VXD Tokens Allotted : 30 Million

Purpose :
30 million retained for future business partners onboarding and incentivising Velix.ID Users.
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VXD Tokens Allotted : 15 Million

Purpose :
15 million reserved for a future crowdsale after 18 months.

Fund Allocation

Token distribution
Product Development
Partnership & Marketing
Operational Cost

VXD Token Model

Grows in Value
Value grows with the growth of the Platform and demand for identity verification.

Backed by Identity
A utility token that can be used to verify/share verified-identities on an Ecosystem.
Meets Regulatory Standards
A Utility-based token model that doesn’t violate regulatory standards.
Tradable, usable, and liquid
Use to verify identities or trade/sell in the market.


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Announcement: Velix.ID crowdsale closed after successful completion

Dear Velix.ID Fam, We are glad to announce that the crowdsale has been closed after successfully raising the $2.5 million assigned to the sale. Our previous pre-sale conducted in January 2018 saw a raise of $1.4.

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How to participate in the Velix.ID crowdsale : All you need to know

It is the 17th of April 2018, 11:59 PM GMT, and the Velix.ID crowdsale is live! To participate in the crowdsale, sign up at https://account.velix.id/signup Currently, you can signup using either your Google or Facebook.

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Velix.ID increases tokens reserved for business development by 200 percent

Velix.ID is restructuring its token allocation model to increase the share dedicated to the business utility of the VXD tokens. Initially, a total of 15 percent tokens were reserved to help bring business partners.

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